Agent Advice on Navigating The Housing Market

Advice from our Navigate Agents on Navigating this Housing Market

Are you currently trying to buy a home or have been thinking about purchasing? Are you constantly hearing “the market is just too hot...I might wait”. Maybe you’ve even put in a couple offers and still haven’t gotten the “your offer has been accepted!” call. At Navigate, we understand your frustrations, confusions and questions you may be experiencing-that’s why we’re here to help! 

We have gathered some advice and some new perspective from our agents on buying a home today to help you stay confident, persistent and positive. 

“Your best first step is to talk through all of your loan options with a lender. This will allow your agent to help you make wise, competitive and confident offers.” -Kristin Zwahr-Triangle Agent

"1. Don’t expect to land the first house you put an offer in on. It takes time to get warmed up to the market and you have to learn from each one.  More will come along and the more homes you see, the better prepared you'll be to evaluate the next one. The right home will come along. 2. Be quick and one step ahead to stray away from missing any “deadlines” etc. 3. Try and get past the “perfect home” especially in this market have the mindset is this a deal breaker? Can this be easily changed or painted etc.?" -Kari Duncan, Triangle Agent

“Go ahead and make the offer!!! It doesn’t cost you anything until it’s accepted! It’s important to go through the whole process to gain confidence!!” -Rhonda Chaires, Triangle Agent

“Think of the buying market as being Uber in a populated city at 3 am...there probably aren’t as many ubers available and there are lots of people who want and need the uber will probably be more expensive and people will still get one”-Kristi Burkett, Broker-In -Charge 

“We’re seeing an average of 5-6 offers made (sometimes more) from our clients before one is getting accepted. Don’t lose hope!”-Monica Warner, Closing Coordinator 

You are not in this alone! Your Navigate Realty family is backing you up and is running to the finish line right beside you. Conect with us today!

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