Decluttering After the Holidays

The post-Christmas apocalypse. Empty boxes and bows still litter the floor, new gifts are on the coffee table and under the tree, warranties are covering your desk and holiday decorations are EVERYWHERE. The after-holiday mess can be overwhelming.

There are all sorts of new goodies in your home, and it’s hard to know where to start in the clean-up process. 

Here are some ideas to help get you started.

1. Start with the garbage. Get a big trash bag, and walk through your house looking for things to throw away. Just getting rid of gift wrap and leftover sweets you don’t want to be tempted to eat. This simple task will make a massive dent in the mess.

2. Get rid of the boxes. We have a TON of boxes after Christmas. Not just boxes from presents, but the packages presents were delivered in. They’re everywhere! Get those boxes, break them down, and pile them in a centralized location to be disposed of. We have to take ours to the recycling center, but maybe your trash collectors will pick them up at your home.

3. Christmas Decorations. As you put away decorations, ask yourself if you like them. Would you like to use them again next year, or would you be better off donating them? This is especially helpful with the decorations you didn’t put out this year. Maybe it’s time to let them go.

4. Do a huge clean out of your kitchen. Be ruthless. Get rid of the food that you’re not going to eat. Sweep the floor, clean out the fridge, and wipe down your countertops. 

5. Find a place for your new items. This will help you decide whether or not you have room for some of your new possessions. Tip: For every new item, throw out or donate something old.

6. Collect the things you’d like to return. Make sure you have the receipt for each item. Then, put all of your return items together in a bag, and put them in your car. The next time you’re out, you can do some returning.

7. Make a donation bag. This could be filled with gifts, holiday decor, or even clothes you’ve discovered you don’t need anymore. Please put all of these items together in a bag/bags, and put them in your car. Next time you are out, you can drop them off at your local charity. Here are a few local suggestions: Raleigh and Wilmington.

8. If you feel like you are on a roll, start making a list of things you’d like to organize in the New Year!

Happy Holidays and decluttering from the Navigate Family.


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