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The journey to becoming a homeowner involves many steps and many people. The quality and smoothness of the process can heavily rely on the people there to help you along the way, so it’s crucial that you’re choosing to work with those who are working in your best interest. One stepping stone on your journey that can’t be overlooked is financing. Whether it is your first home, a luxury home, or an investment property, a mortgage puts you in a position to enjoy all sorts of financial benefits: equity and wealth building, security, stability, the pride of ownership and more. 

Corey Walker of Cross Country Mortgage has proven to be committed by providing the best customer service to his clients around the clock. He offers a wide range of loan programs and will recommend and respect every individuals unique circumstances. Corey has been in the home loan industry for 17 years and is passionate about his work and the growing Raleigh community!

Corey’s Top 3 Tips: 

  1. Be as forthcoming as possible with your loan officer! Our job is to figure out a way to make a loan work for you. The more information we have, the better we can assess your situation.
  2. Reach out to a loan officer as EARLY as possible in the process. Even if you feel you might be a year away from purchasing, figuring out exactly how your qualification for a mortgage works is very important.
  3. Choose someone who values time and communication. Corey is always available even after business hours. Communication is the most important thing to him and is typically how he is able to win over clients. By being responsive, honest and upfront.

How Does It Work?  

The first time home buyers the loan application is pretty simple and quick. It’s about a 10 minute application that can be done by phone or computer. From there Corey says, he is able to go into the system and run the application through to see what loan options are available. Once that happens, he contacts the potential buyer to make sure everything that was entered in the application is accurate and correct, discuss the options that are available along with the specific monthly payment, and money needed for closing costs. Lastly, the pre-approval letter goes out! This is typically all done within just hour 1 hour of completing the application!

Good to Know: 

In most cases the minimum required down payment is either 3% or 3 1/2%. Many people think 20% is necessary, but there are down payment assistance options that can cover some or all of your cash needed for closing depending on your qualification. 

From application to closing and beyond Corey Walker will help you through the loan experience in your journey to becoming a homeowner!

Connect with Corey Walker:

Phone: (330) 212-6410


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