January 2021 Top Producer-Tiffany Williamson-Triangle Real Producers


Believing & Achieving

By Dave Danielson

Many of us have been discouraged or discounted from realizing our fullest potential by others who for one reason or another chose not to believe in us.

Tiffany Williamson, President of Navigate Realty, a company she co-founded with her husband Brandon Williamson, is an example of someone who has not allowed herself to fall victim to those who have tried to place limitations on her abilities. 

“Success is never easy, there is most certainly a cost for entry, and the price includes making a lot of mistakes along the way. I feel that too often people choose to only speak of their success and accomplishments which is wonderful, but I think what inspires people on a deeper, more intimate level, is talking about how you’ve persevered in times of adversity because we have all been there at one time or another.”

Tiffany explains, “Many people are paralyzed with fear and don’t move forward because of past failures, self-doubt, or regret. I’ve been there and had to pick myself up when I was embarrassed, afraid, and insecure. I have learned that being successful requires believing in yourself when no one else does. To me, it’s not important where someone starts, what matters is, that they decide to show up every single day and do the work. If we don’t believe in ourselves we can’t expect anyone else to.”

Tiffany is proof of the power of believing and achieving in life.

The Story Behind Success

“Many people assume things in life came easily for me, but that is simply not true. I have always believed in working hard, setting bold goals, dreaming big with no limitations, and setting aside time for personal growth.”

Tiffany goes on to say, “I never took school seriously. I imagine if you were to ask my high school teachers if they thought I would be successful, the answer would be simple, “not likely.” Nevertheless, because of her drive and determination to advance, Tiffany enrolled in college and also began working part-time at a cosmetics company. 

“I started at the cosmetics counter, and began learning all that I could, did more than what was asked of me, and I did very well. Soon, I began to get recognized and with that recognition came promotions.”

In record time, Tiffany rose through the ranks and became VP of Sales of a national cosmetic company. She left school, dove into her work full-time and began traveling extensively. She worked in this field for over 10 years and loved it. 

Finding a New Home for Her Talents

In 2013, Brandon encouraged Tiffany to get her real estate license, and in 2014, she started her journey in the business.

“One of my proudest moments at the time, came when I first got licensed. I was sitting in class when my real estate instructor mentioned that 70 percent of the class would not be in real estate the following year. Seventy percent! All of that hard work and dedication just to give up. At that moment, I knew I wanted to be a part of the solution and figure out how I could identify why the failure rate was so significant.”

Tiffany soon learned that the primary reason was due to the fact that many “real estate people” tell you not to expect your first sale for at least 12 months. Tiffany put a team together that focused on how to get brand new real estate agents their first sale in 90 days. This program was developed as an action guide to quickly get agents out of their comfort zone and into production quickly. 

“It’s amazing what happens when you change the narrative and create new expectations of what “normal” is. I could not be more proud of this program and everyone involved.”

“Beyond this program, there were many occasions when I would speak to brand new agents who were in the process of interviewing firms in which to affiliate and these brokerages would tell them that they needed to have at least $10K in the bank when they started in order to be successful.This is not the case. We have proved time and again that ANYONE at ANY income level can be successful when they decide to be.” 


“I choose not to put people in a box. I choose not to limit people because of  income, social standing, education, gender or anything else! If we don’t challenge the status quo we will never grow beyond “what’s typical” in the real estate industry.”

Passion for Making a Difference

The passion Tiffany has for her work comes through clearly.

“I love helping clients win multiple-offer situations…strategizing how to put together a winning offer,” she says. “In this market, you either know how to compete, or your clients suffer. I just love sales. I could do that all day, every day.

Today, Tiffany and Brandon have created an organization and culture that actively encourages others to reach their potential. They have 30 professionals in their two offices in Wilmington and Raleigh and they’re growing every day. “It is very important to me to make sure our team is successful,” she says. “I love that they’re thriving not only in their business but personally as well. I’m passionate about helping them achieve levels they didn’t think possible.” 

Away from work, Tiffany, Brandon, and their families have a love for barbecue and have even taken part in and won barbecue competitions! Tiffany is very proud and boasts, “Our team name is Bustin’ Butts BBQ and it is seriously some of the best BBQ I’ve ever tasted. The coveted family secret sauce, a delicious vinegar based sauce, is my absolute favorite”. In fact, the Williamsons are so serious about their barbecue, Brandon and his father are both certified barbecue judges!

Tiffany and Brandon also enjoy boating and spending time with their two dogs — 14-year-old Mollie, and 4-year-old, Bennie.

As she says, “We also really like to travel and go boating. We appreciate history and like immersing ourselves into the culture. We also enjoy eating really good food! I love a really good glass of dry red wine...and cheese”  

They also have a desire to help their community thrive. They support groups such as Second Chance Pet Adoption, and are also involved in the REALTOR® Foundation, an organization who  helps those struggling by getting them into a furnished home. 

Tiffany gives back to the industry she loves, as well. She was the 2020 President of the Raleigh Regional Women’s Council, and has served on the Board of Directors of the Raleigh REALTORS® Association for the past two years.

As she looks to the future, Tiffany is driven to continue learning, growing, and supporting others in their journey. “My drive comes from everybody who told me that I couldn’t do it. There were many who shut the door and turned their backs on me,” she says. “But I believe in myself and more than anything I believe in people. I believe in their ability to achieve great things…things beyond what they ever thought possible; to achieve the unlikely.” 

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